Dog Days of Winter

Snow, snow, and more snow:

As pretty much everybody knows, Boston has had... a bit of snow. While commuters, especially folks who take the T, hate it - the dogs could probably not love it more.

Here are some photos of them playing in the great outd


Enjoy, and keep warm!

Tenba Shootout 32L Review

Tenba Shootout 32L Review:

I have struggled with camera bags. I'm not sure if it is too much travel, or just too much abuse, but I just seem to wear them out. I have been through three in the fast five years. But, the good news is, I think I've finally found my bag.

About six month s ago I bought the Tenba Shootout 32L at EP Levine just outside of Boston. I feel like by now I have field tested it enough to give it a thoughtful review.

The first thing I noticed about it was the comfort. It's backpack design is rigid enough to feel secure, and padded enough to comfortably wear for hours. The shoulder straps can be adjusted in both directions to give a nice snug fit, and there's also a waist belt for extra long carries. The back of the bag has been reinforced with aluminum rods to get a nice solid feel, so it's easier to carry and you feel like it's really protecting the equipment.

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New Videos For Schools: Why Fenn?

New Video For The Fenn School in Concord:

I love this new video we shot for The Fenn School in Concord, MA.

Fenn has an ad campaign around their neighborhood that asks, "Does your son love going to school?" And it is so clear from interviewing these kids that the answer for them is a resounding yes. It is an amazing thing to see a school full of happy students, and that is what we see every time we visit Fenn.

Here are some other posts about my work with Fenn.

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Corporate Headshots Versus Environmental Business Portraits

Here's an interesting question, which tells a more engaging story, a corporate headshot or an environmental business portrait?

I've always tended toward the environmental business portrait, because it provides context. You get a sense of the subjects office and body lanuage.  I've always thought these subtle clues spoke volumes.

But maybe subtler still are the non-verbal cues that a great corporate headshot can provide. This is especially true when shot with the ultrahigh quality Hasselblad, as these were. the level of detail, tonal range and depth is unsurpassed.  That level of image quality really makes the subject's personality come through.

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New Corporate Photography


I say this a lot, but I only repeat it because I believe it. Photography is all about storytelling – and I think this is as true for corporate photography as it is for any other genre. As a photographer I want to give you a view into a company's corporate culture, let you see the vibe of the office, give you a sense of its values.

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Healthcare Photographer

Why I became a healthcare photographer:

There are very few professions out there where dramatic events are a common occurrence. But in a hospital an ordinary day for an ER doctor or a surgeon is an extraordinary day for the patient. That's a big part of what makes being a healthcare photographer so interesting to me. Healthcare photography has an emotional component, just by the nature of the subject.

I believe that emotion drives storytelling. I also believe that the best photography leaves you feeling like you've had a glimpse into a long story – like a still from a moving film. Healthcare photography moves me. I've always found it exhilarating. Shadowing doctors in the hospital or photographing in an operating room feels like seeing a play from backstage.

Every time I leave the hospital after a shoot, I feel energized. I hope that energy, that emotion, and that storytelling comes across in my healthcare photography.
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New Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots Need Not Be Boring:

I just finished up shooting these portraits for Black Duck Software, whom I've written about before. They needed headshots that reflected their corporate style - which is innovative and far from stuffy. As a photographer, that's a great assignment. 

In their office, not far from a silent ping-pong table in the middle of a bay of standing desks (did I mention far from stuffy?), there is a wall with a colorful honeycomb pattern. This served as our backdrop.  The rest comes down to lighting, mood and lens choice.

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