Law Firm Photography Boston: Goodwin Procter

Posted by Tim Llewellyn: Boston Photographer on Jun 2, 2015 10:56:38 AM

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For more than half a decade I’ve been producing photography for Goodwin Procter LLP.  With more than 850 attorneys all over the world, Goodwin has kept me busy refreshing their visual content. We have shot for the them in here in Boston, in New York, Washington and Silicon Valley. They are honestly one of my favorite clients, and the work continues to be interesting and rewarding. The photos I am sharing today come from their Boston office. 

The goal of these shoots is the give the viewer a sense of the culture of the firm, capturing candid moments of the attorneys interacting in a group setting.  From a technical perspective, these shoots are a challenge in finding the best angles to get the most out of a mixed color temperature scenario.  At the end of the day, the best photos come when the subject, light, angle and expression come together. Fortunately, with a group as accommodating and engaged as the lawyers at Goodwin, we have the ability to influence all of those factors. 

Law Firm Photography Boston

Law Firm Photography Boston 3

Law Firm Photography Boston 2

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