Corporate Headshots Versus Environmental Business Portraits

Posted by Tim Llewellyn: Boston Photographer on Dec 10, 2014 4:01:00 PM

In Business Photography in Boston

Here's an interesting question, which tells a more engaging story, a corporate headshot or an environmental business portrait?


I've always tended toward the environmental business portrait, because it provides context. You get a sense of the subjects office and body lanuage.  I've always thought these subtle clues spoke volumes.

But maybe subtler still are the non-verbal cues that a great corporate headshot can provide. This is especially true when shot with the ultrahigh quality Hasselblad, as these were. the level of detail, tonal range and depth is unsurpassed.  That level of image quality really makes the subject's personality come through.

I really do think that the subject is open for debate, and I'd certainly love to hear your opinion.

These shots could be a great way to facilitate the debate, environmental portraits on one hand and Hasselblad headshots on the other - the same folks, shot twice each.


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